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M.D. Formulated, Clinically Proven, Quick Relief

Gives you relief from vertigo and nausea within minutes


No side effects, so you can stay safe, alert, and focused


100% natural ingredients for safe and gentle relief

All-Natural & Non-GMO

Good Manufacturing Practice Certified by U.S. FDA, meeting the highest quality supplement standards

GMP-Certified Manufacturer

M.D. formulated supplements backed by scientific research to ensure its safety and effectiveness

Physican Formulated

Does not contain animal-derived ingredients


Free of top 9 allergens such as Gluten, Soy, and Peanuts

Allergy Free

Stop Dizziness with DizzyStop®

Dr. Barton's DizzyStop® is a non-drowsy, herbal supplement for dizziness designed to bring you relief from vertigo and other symptoms of motion sickness. It includes a potent and effective proprietary blend of soothing ginger root powder and grape seed extract.

Say Goodbye to Nausea with NauseaStop®

NauseaStop® is an all-natural and non-drowsy dietary supplement for controlling nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness, and nausea due to chemotherapy and multiple medications.

Member of the American Society of Head and Neck Surgery

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

American Board of Otolaryngology Certified

Affiliated with the Clinical Faculty of UCLA

Formulated + Recommended

Dr. Barton is a highly accomplished Board-Certified Ear, Nose and Throat M.D specializing in treating hearing loss, thyroid and parathyroid tumors, sinus surgery, pediatric surgery, and managing snoring and nasal congestion.

"As an otolaryngologist, vertigo, balance disorders, nausea, and motion sickness have always been a challenge in my practice. Years ago, I learned that there were specific herbals which worked as well or better than prescribed medications for the management of these conditions.

I have found the unique all-natural formulas I created to be superior or equal to prescribed or OTC medications for the prevention and management of benign vertigo as well as for nausea of various causes. Multiple clinical studies and my forty years of experience have proved these formulations to be a safe, effective, non-drowsy, all-natural, and inexpensive alternatives to the sedating drugs presently used." -Stuart Barton M.D.

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