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Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness

DizzyStop® is the ideal solution for individuals who have a history of experiencing motion sickness and associated symptoms, making it difficult for them to ride in the back seat of a car, enjoy amusement rides, fly, sail, or go on cruises.

Travel Sickness

In addition to effectively managing motion sickness during long flights, DizzyStop® may also reduce the risk of thrombosis (clots) in leg veins.

Motion sickness is often referred to as carsickness, seasickness, airsickness, and/or space sickness. It may occur in movie theaters [in particular when viewing action scenes], trams, elevators, and all other conditions where there is very little relative motion. Platform testing in balance clinics has taught us that the visual [eyes], vestibular [inner ear balance canals], and somatosensory impulses [information from the sense of touch] must be coordinated in the brain to provide balance and freedom from vertigo.

When the impulses from the various senses [ears, eyes, feet] are mismatched in the brain, the result is vertigo and dizziness that cause the symptoms of motion sickness.

Senior couple smiling together on a sailboat.

No Sea Sickness on 45-Day Cruise!

“DizzyStop® was Dr. Barton's precautionary recommendation for our forty‐five day cruise from Los Angeles to Australia. We encountered many different types of weather during our crossing, from calm to extremely rough seas. During the voyage into Tasmania the seas were extremely rough for three days. I took DizzyStop® and never experienced sea sickness while other travelers were suffering from nausea and illness. One of the crew members I got to know quite well suffered from sea sickness and the pills that had been provided to her were not working. I gave her some DizzyStop® to try and the next day she was fine. On past cruises using over the counter sea sickness pills I did experience seasickness along with the usual side effects. On this long cruise, DizzyStop® prevented this reaction and saved my trip! Thank you again for sharing your product with me.”

-Darlynne B.

Mechanism of Action

Clinical studies have shown that the herbal in DizzyStop® is believed to act through a hormonal mechanism reducing the abnormal stimulation to the brain that causes the symptoms of motion sickness.

Suggested Use of DizzyStop® for Motion Sickness (Air, Land, Sea)

Travel Symptom Relief:
Adults and Children 12 years and older, take 2 capsules, 4 ​times daily starting the day before travel and continue taking through entire travel period.

Children 6-12 years old, take 1 capsule, 4 times daily starting the day before travel and continue taking through entire travel period.