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Our product has been used by people around the world. Below is a list of just a few of our customers who have shared their experiences with us.

Thank you for giving me my life back!

Since September I have been having problems with keeping my balance, stumbling and getting so dizzy I would get nauseated. I have been to an MD and a Neurologist, had 2 MRI’s and an MRA. No one could find out what was causing my problem so I decided to do some research on the internet. That’s where I read about Dizzy Stop. I ordered three bottles. I have only been taking it for 5 days and the result is AMAZING! My friends cannot believe how fast it is working. I have referred the product to many people. Thank you for giving me back my life!
Mary A. Greensboro, NC

DizzyStop® contains an exceptional combination of all natural herbs researched and designed to bring you relief from your motion sickness, vertigo, nausea and/or dizziness.

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Customer’s Dizziness Is Gone After The Second Dose of DizzyStop®

After 5 months of dizzines & off & on vertigo & many visits to Doctors who could not help me, I went on the internet to look for help.

I found your website & read all your info & testimonials. I too had used ginger many times for nausea & it helped that. I liked that fact that all the ingredients were natural.

So in desperation I ordered 1 bottle, I figured, what do I have to lose, if it didn’t help the dizziness I could use it for nausea.

Well after the first dose I noticed a difference but after the second dose the dizziness was gone!

Holy Cow is this for real jQuery1113035880640079267323_1454129669992 I was so happy I cried ! So now I have found a Doctor that has sent me to a Balance Disorder Therapy office & just started my therapy & have great hope of being cured. But in the meanwhile I have my DizzyStop to rely on while I go through my therapy. I am bringing my bottle with me next appt. & let them know how this might help others who come there too.

Thank You so much for your wonderful natural product. I have absolutely no side effects from DizzyStop®.

Rose B. Punta Gorda, FL

Patient “Cured” From Vertigo-Praises DizzyStop®

Thank you, thank you for making it possible for me to lead a normal life again.

I have suffered with dizziness and vertigo for years, caused by bending to put on shoes, putting drops in my eyes was an ordeal, lying in bed without three pillows was impossible as the room would spin out of control, getting out of bed caused another dizzying episode and so on through my days.

Doctors suggested MRIs, and inner ear infections, nothing cured the condition. Then at my last appointment with your ENT group, I noticed a flyer on a rack in the examining room, the flyer mentioned DizzyStop®. Although I had taken ginger in many forms, (which is an ingredient in DizzyStop®), I was ready to try anything!

I purchased a bottle of DizzyStop® at your office and took a dosage as soon as I arrived home three hours later, I took two more pills. That evening I experienced my first relief when I climbed into bed and tried lying on one pillow-it worked, I was comfortable, no dizzying effects-that was one week ago.

To this day I have not had a spell of vertigo. I don’t know how your product accomplished this, but I don’t care, I am cured! So thank you again for caring enough about your patients to take your time and knowledge to perfect such an amazing product.

Janet B. Palm Desert, California

Customer Overcomes Recurring Sea-Sickness On 45 Day Cruise With The Help Of DizzyStop®

DizzyStop® was your precautionary recommendation for our forty-five day cruise from Los Angeles to Australia. We encountered many different types of weather during our crossing, from calm to extremely rough seas. During the voyage into Tasmania the seas were extremely rough for three days. I took DizzyStop® and never experienced sea sickness while other travelers were suffering from nausea and illness.

One of the crew members I got to know quite well suffered from sea sickness and the pills that had been provided to her were not working. I gave her some DizzyStop® to try and the next day she was fine. On past cruises using over the counter sea sickness pills I did experience seas sickness along with the usual side effects. On this long cruise, DizzyStop® prevented this reaction and saved my trip!

Thank you again for sharing your product with me.

Darlynne B. Rancho Mirage, CA

Patient Gets Relief From Dizziness While Driving And Praises DizzyStop®

I just wanted to write this note and tell you about my experience with your product DizzyStop®. This past summer with this intense heat I would feel dizzy and nauseated throughout the day while driving.

As you know driving is crucial to my profession. I hadn’t really tried anything to help but I came into your office one day and bought a bottle of DizzyStop®. Well, needless to say my dizziness stopped. No longer would feel nauseated and I would and can now drive w/out those feelings. As a preventative measure when I go on long drives or trips I take two DizzyStop® just to be safe.

I really have not had any problems with taking DizzyStop® and I will continue to take it when I need it.

Thank you

Luis M. Rancho Mirage, CA

Patient And Family Are Able to Enjoy Fishing Trip With DizzyStop®

Over the last year, my thirteen year old son Hale kept asking me when we could go deep sea fishing. Well, this last August I made reservations to go to East Cape Cabo, Mexico for four days and also scheduled two days of fishing. Before we went I called Dr. Barton’s office for a prescription for sea sick pills so my son and I would not get sick and insure we had a great trip.

Dr Barton came on the line and recommended DizzyStop®.

I asked him what it was and he explained that it is his own pill that he developed, that is all natural with no side effects. We decided to try it out and were thrilled that it worked wonders. No sea sickness or no motion sickness whatsoever.

In the past I would get off a boat and I would still feel the rocking and rolling for a whole day. This time that did not happen. No rocking or rolling at all. My son had the same experience. We were able to thoroughly enjoy two full days of boating and fishing.

I would recommend DizzyStop® to everyone. In fact, I have purchased three more bottles and given them to friends that have a difficult time with motion sickness.

DizzyStop® IS THE BEST!
Jerry A. Palm Springs, CA

Ready to Book More Cruises

Dizzy Stop is wonderful!

Before I knew about Dizzy Stop I was unable to sail due to sea sickness, nausea/vomiting.

I took Dizzy Stop recently, introduced by Dr. S. Barton, to take a Disney Cruise with my family. I had a wonderful cruise-was not seasick at all. Now I am ready to book more cruises.

Thanks, Dr. Barton.
Patricia H. Palm Desert, CA